Braille, Large Print & Audio

Voices For Health is committed to helping our customers maintain ADA compliance for their blind and visually-impaired clients:

  • Braille transcription converts documents into a language represented by patterns of raised dots that are felt with the fingertips, which can be read by blind individuals. A comprehensive review assures that various elements, such as font styles and graphics, are adequately available. Braille transcription is available in English and Spanish.
  • Large print formatting allows individuals who are visually-impaired to more easily read documents.
  • Audio recording of written documents is available in multiple languages. We record professional voice talents in a sound-proofed studio, creating high quality audio files that can be delivered as a CD or MP3 (and loaded to your website or intranet). Audio recordings have the added benefit of accommodating the needs of individuals with low or no literacy skills.


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