Language Access is “Essential Business”

Voices For Health is committed to providing access to language solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Interpreters continue to be dispatched to clinical locations in accordance with safety protocols. Remote interpreters are available by phone (OPI), video (VRI) and telehealth. Expedited translation is available for COVID documents. Contact us at 800-VFH-3347 or for details.

Why should you choose Voices For Health? We understand the challenges of providing services in a multilingual, multicultural environment. We work with our customers as a team to provide a suite of interrelated solutions tailored to your needs. We specialize in healthcare, education and social services, focusing our personalized approach, experience and expertise to help customers nationwide:

  • Provide high quality language access
  • Comply with federal mandates
  • Understand cultural differences that impact health care delivery
  • Learn languages
  • Research language and cultural issues
  • Develop educational curriculae
  • Obtain funding through grants and investors
  • Diversify client markets